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Mercedes Benz "G" Wagon Light Tanker

Mercedes Benz "G" Wagon Light Tanker

  • Cab / Chassis: TBD
  • GOM / GVM: TBD
  • Pump: TBD
  • Pump Performance: TBD
  • Body: TBD
  • Water Capacity: TBD
  • Hosereel: TBD
  • Optional Extras: TBD
  • Category: Tankers
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SEMs' concept (as shown at the Mercedes Benz stand at AFAC 2012 in Perth) is based on flat bed trays to suit each of the variants (single-cab, dual cab, 4 x 4 & 6 x 6) which offers a proven heavy duty off-road platform.
We then are flexible with arrnaging bolt-on components (i.e. tanks, lockers, pumpss, hose reels etc.,) to optimise the usage of payload and axle loads.
The vehicle shown comprises the following:
Aluminium "ROPS"
800L water tank
2 x large lockers
2 x small lockers
Suction hose & standpipe locker under-tray between sub-frame rails
GAAM Mk125 normal pressure & draughting pump
1 x electric rewind normal pressure live reel fitted above pump manifold (rear centre)
Fireco FHP series UHPS pump
2 x electric rewind UHPS live reels fitted sideways above each small locker
Example: Mercedes Benz "G" Wagon 6 x 6 Dual Cab:
Tare Mass: 3735 Kg
Payload:  2765 Kg
GVM: 6500 Kg

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