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Thales Pumper

Thales Pumper

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The Thales Pumper (4x2) is constructed on an Isuzu FTR 900 cab/chassis in a 4x2 configuration and provides seating for a crew of six (6).

The vehicle was designed and built by SEM Fire and Rescue Pty. Ltd.

The vehicle is fitted with a 2000 litre water tank and a Rosenbauer NH30 pump which is powered by the vehicle's engine through a fixed shaft PTO. The pump is a multi-pressure type (high and normal pressure) capable of flows up to 3000 litres per minute. One (1) hose reel has been provided at the rear of the vehicle. The hose reel contains 60m of 25mm booster hose fitted with a 1704P Akron Branch.

Supporting the water delivery system to extend the fire fighting capacity, a Rosenbauer HP Fix Mix foam proportioning system has been installed for injecting foam concentrate into the HP hose reel. The system provides a metered amount of foam concentrate for structural or bushfire incidents.

Foam can be generated via an inline eductor from the 80 litre bulk foam tank via a gravity feed outlet, which is located between No.1 and No.2 delivery outlets.

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