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Ultra Large Pumper (Industrial)

Ultra Large Pumper (Industrial)

  • Cab / Chassis: Scania p114 6 x 4 single cab chassis Isuzu FTR900 crew cab 4 x 2
  • GOM / GVM: 21,540 Kg / 28,000 Kg
  • Pump: Waterous CSUS 2250 USGPM single stage pump, driven by a Waterous TYCX split shaft PTO, pump governor
  • Pump Performance: 8,500 L/min @ 700 kPa
  • Body: Aluminium body with roof access, Anodised aluminium roller shutter doors, SEM self locking handrails
  • Water Capacity: 2,000 litre baffled fibreglass water tank
  • Category: Pumpers
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