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The need for energy conservation has never been stronger with the reality of ever increasing energy bills and tougher regulations on new building standards. Thermal Surveys on buildings and structures using "Infrared Imaging" can pinpoint insulation defects, construction faults, inefficient HVAC systems and flat roof leaks within buildings, old and new. Ideal for builders, inspectors, heating and cooling installers, electricians as well as owners, the S2 Building Survey can identify a number of issues within a structure.

Thermal imaging of buildings and structures can be used for the following applications:

  • To identify excessive energy usage due to missing, damaged or wet insulation.
  • Locate hidden pipework or structures
  • To identify "hot" wiring.
  • Identify sources of air and moisture intrusion.
  • Insulation testing on new buildings.
  • Location of wall, fixtures and structures.
  • Locating moisture damage due to leaks or condensation in walls, ceilings and roofs.
  • Locate air leakage from the building envelope.
  • Under floor heating system inspections.


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