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Up Close and Personal...

According to SOLO THERMAL IMAGING, its S2 Personal FIRE camera has been designed as: "a high specification, low cost thermal imager to equip firefighters with intuitive thermal imaging technology. Using the UK designed and manufactured Solo TI camera core means less restriction and greater control, as the company manufactures every single part of each S2 Personal. Designed as an ultra-small camera, small enough to easily clip to fightfighters' gear, Nomex® side hand straps complete the rugged external features".

The camera is one of the world's smallest, lightest hand-held cameras, weighing only 750 grams including battery, yet still utilizes a large format, high definition display offering sharper, brighter image definition than a standard display. All S2 Personal cameras have the ability to capture and store up to 1000 images (SOLO SCENE CAPTURE®) in an on-board memory with the press of a button; a capability that is essential for use as evidential proof or during training exercises. Each camera is also provided free-of-charge with Solo TI analysis software that offers greater detail and allows colour mapping to be extracted from download images.

  • The S2 Personal shell utilizes a fire-retardant polymer material and includes power pack and locking configuration with further protection offered by the over-sized Nomex® side handles and vulcanized rubber screen shroud. It is offered with Solo Ti's high resolution/high definition sensor; the same Solo 5200Ti camera core platform as used in the entire Solo Ti camera range. This format offers both gray-scale and four colour options as standard. The S2 personal Fire has an 8mm lens giving a 51° field of view which will provide a 300 metre "man detection" and is designed for close fire work. It can be used both inside a close environment and outside for monitoring, inspection and forensic work.

Although the S2 Personal Fire is a low cost unit it comes as standard in an IP67 hard shell carry case. Four rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries with charger and all leads; replaceable display window; direct spot temperature and digital read out with temperature scale running along the right hand side of the display; battery gauge; four colour maps; Scene Capture with SOLO Ti software all as standard features. User preference start-up screen with on screen menu offered in various languages and a choice of shell colours complete the standard issue specification. Option extras include a neck strap and retractable lanyard; S2 Personal can be specified with either one or two button operation as well as organization logo and serial number on start up.


(All SOLO cameras come equipped with this operating software which provides greater definitions / pre-set and user changeable filters. Images captured can be used for a wide of industries and applications including predictive maintenance and inspections)

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