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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Objects that emit heat are emmitting energy. This energy can be classified as infrared energy. With Thermal Imaging technology, cameras can be used to capture this energy. Once captured, the computer and software parts of the cameras read the infrared signals coming in and translate them into an image that we can easily see. The best parts of this technology is that there is no need for sunlight or artificial light to receive a quality image. in fact, Thermal Imaging cameras work just fine in the dark. Because these cameras use the heat emitted from an object to produce images, there is no need for external light.

SOLO Thermal Imaging Cameras are available in a number of models to suit specific applications from the S2 Personal Fire for Fire Fighters to the S2 Building Survey to enable engineers spot heat leaks to the S@ EQ Equine model which can detect injuries or assist in saddle fitment.

All SOLO Thermal Imaging Cameras come with SSCS, Solo Scene Capture Software, to enable downloading and storage of images.

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