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Pelican Cases

The range of cases is as follows:

Micro Cases: starting from 111mm Long x 73mm Wide x 43mm High (internal dimensions)

Small Cases: starting from 241mm Long x 190mm Wide x 108mm High (internal dimensions)

Medium Cases: starting from 462mm Long x 307mm Wide x 132mm High (internal dimensions)

Larger Cases: starting from 559mm Long x 432mm Wide x 203mm High (internal dimesnions)

Standard Storage Containers: ranging from 250mm - 2065mm in Length x 250mm - 1040mm in Width x 45mm - 940mm in Height

Maximium Container: 4000mm Long x 2000mmm Wide x 2000mm High

All cases can be engineered to suit any application with specialty foam inserts, vents, drain plugs, pressure relief valves, humidity indicators, handles, trays, pallet feet, wheels & castors, struts and forklift tynes locators.

Please contact SEMPRO to discuss your requirements.

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