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Selex Galileo - SLX Hawk 2:24cz

Selex Galileo - SLX Hawk 2:24cz

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The SLX Hawk is an advanced high performance Military Specification (MWIR) Mid Waveband Ifra-Red thermal imaging camera and clearly beyond the performance of general commercial thermal imaging cameras.

Equipped with a continuous zoom lens the SLX Hawk provides long-range imaging in all weather conditions and whether it be day or night and in poor visibility for land, sea and airborne operations.

Providing 1.3 Megapixel resolution over very wide fields of view; the SLX Hawk also has full resolution digital zoom for reduced complexity.

Benefits include:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low weight (<4.5Kgs)
  • Compact (373mm x 108mm x 100mm)
  • High Resolution ( 640 x 512 pixels)
  • Long range (man detection at 13,000 metres, recognition at 7000 metres, identification at 5000 metres)

The SLX Hawk is now on the world cricket stage! As used by cricket 'Hot Spot" provider BBG Sports to detect contact between the cricket ball, bat and batsman during the game.

Please contact SEM Pro for more information or a demonstration of this high performance unit.

For other SELEX GALILEO technologies please refer to "NEW TECHNOLOGIES" section of the website.

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