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Thermal Imaging Cameras are an ideal tool for fire prevention and detection however due to their high cost they are not readily available to brigades let alone individual firefighters.

The HotSpotter™ is a lightweight device that is designed to find and locate an unknown area where the temperature is hotter than the surroundings, such as a smouldering beam behind a plaster wall. The actual temperature being measured is usually irrelevant. After a fire has been put out you would expect the building to be hotter than usual however what is important to know is if there are any hidden areas where there is extra heat that might signify something is still burning, or ready to burn.

The HotSpotter™ provides indication via and audible sound much like a geiger counter as well as a coloured LEDs. The hotter the area compared to the surroundings, the higher the frequency and similalrly with the multi-coloured bar graph indicating temerature changes from ambient. The HotSpotter™ is housed in a high temperature / high impact Polycarbonate body, is watertight and can scan in smoke or in darkness. The HotSpotter™ is also significatly cheaper than thermal Imaging cameras.

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