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EYEfi Pty Ltd has developed Australia's first spatial video technology, hosted in Telstra's emergency services cloud. The application is specifically designed to connect fixed and mobile cameras and field devices using the NextG network, with emergency services personnel located almost anywhere.

EYEfi and SEM Fire and Rescue's channel partnership enables government and emergency services organisations to procure EYEfi® camera equipment as a standard option on an SEM manufactured vehicle or portable trailer product, or as a retrofit service. Each device can be activated on the national Telstra® Spatial Video Solutions platform (Powered by EYEfi Pty Ltd) so that the live images, incidents, spatial data and other information can be shared in real-time between the field and end-users, as a web-browser based application.

The EYEfi® spatial video solution consists of three key elements;

  • In the field - EYEfi® cameras are deployed using the proven combination of Telstras' NextG mobile data network and EYEfis' ultra low-latency 3G technology. EYEfi® cameras and equipment are available in emergency services vehicles, portable trailers, or in fixed locations such as fore or communications towers.
  • In the cloud - EYEfi® customers don't have to build or manage a complicated CCTV networks and infrastructure - all that's required is a single Telstra IP network connection into the Telstra Spatial Video Solutions "cloud" in order to subscribe to the EYEfi® application. The solution then aggregates and distributes video, mapping and environmental information to any user on the network.
  • On the desktop PC or in-vehicle - By simply opening a web browser and logging onto the spatial video cloud, remote users or command centre operators can effortlessly access and share video from any camera in the network, weather, telemetry, GPS and environmental information, from any site to any user on the network, offering our customers an intuitive maps based environment that drives real-time collaboration and situational awareness.

Once a customer has taken delivery of an "EYEfi® enabled" vehicle or portable trailer from SEM, it's simply a matter of connecting your organisation and your cameras to the Telstra® SPATIAL VIDEO SOLUTIONS service, facilitated by your Telstra Account Executive. Please contact SEM for more details.

More information on EYEfi's technology can be found at;

EYEfi -

Telstra -

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