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Storz is a type of hose coupling invented by Carl August Guido Storz in 1882 that connects using interlocking hooks and flanges. It is sometimes referred to as a sexless coupling, because rather than having a male and female end connected by screw threads, either identical end can be joined to any other end of the same diameter. This is also called hermaphroditic or two-way connection. Guido Storz was a master brewer and created this coupling to solve the numerous problems of conventional screw thread fittings. He patented his coupling in 1890.

To couple a Storz connection, the two opposing couplings are pressed together such that the hooks of each one are inserted into the slots in the flange of the other. Then they are rotated in opposite directions until they are tight, or latches engage. This creates a water-tight connection between the internal packing gaskets.

SEM PRO can provide a range of Storz couplings and adaptors to suit imperial fittings, for example Storz 75mm x BSP 3" Female or Male.

SEM PRO stocks a range of Storz couplings manufactured by AWG Germany.

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