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Developed by Northvale Korting Ltd of the UK, NORVAL are a unique and noiseless check valve device to maintain flow in one direction and to prevent either contamination of liquids already in the system or damage to the pipework and its ancillary components. Quite a simple function you might think however bitter experience tells us a different story!

What are the features that a piping engineer is looking for?

  • Tight shut off under minimum back pressure
  • Quick response to no-flow or reverse flow conditions
  • Low resistance to forward flow
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ease of maintenance with unskilled operators
  • No maintenance

The NORVAL Non-Return Valve has all these features plus one or two less obvious benefits!

  • It is extremely simple
  • It operates in any direction, vertically up or down, or horizontal
  • High material specification - 316 Stainless Steel
  • Less noise due to slamming shut under reverse flow - no hammer
  • Can be incorporated in a variety of body configurations or simply built into original equipment as a cone and diaphragm assembly

Available in "Reduced Cone" or "Increased Cone" with diaphragms made from EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon or Viton® and in sizes ranging from 25mm to 200mm Norval Non-Return Valves can operate at temperatures up to 200°C and are rated for 16 bar pressure at 21ºC.

They are ideal for the food processing industry, petroleum, breweries, wineries and bottling plants.

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